Five Star Reviews

Wonderful service wonderful people. It has been a pleasure. I had 2 cases with the firm so far and I can really say . Full Pro service. Albert, Moussa and of course Caroleen thank you for all your help. Great Firm !

Andres N, Los Angeles3/27/2019

I recommend everyone to come here . I have used them twice and everyone is very friendly and they make it easy to deal with everything that comes along with legal troubles . They work hard for you they fight for you . I would definitely go back next time I need them .

Arthur J., Valencia3/20/2019

Mr. Abkarian took my case 6 months ago and I already received my settlement. I was very happy with his professionalism, his assistant Elena always replied to my questions when I wanted an update on my case. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a injury lawyer. It's hard to find a lawyer you can trust and I'm so glad I found Abkarian & Associates .

Karen B., Pico Rivera3/1/2019

Albert and all his team are really awesome! They 1/ care 2/ are available and realistic 3/ keep you posted with any progress. My case was simple : the other driver was 100% at fault, limited but still decent damage on the car, emotional and physical damage. Albert and his team took the case (while other lawyers turned it down because "not enough damage") and succeeded in getting a very decent settlement with the insurance. Congrats to the team, I will definitively recommend you!

Alexandre V.1/10/2019

I wish I could give this team a higher rating! Great professional group of specialists! Albert Ankarian himself, attorney Mousa Helo and law clerk Caroleen Torossian worked really hard until everything got resolved. I was lucky to be brought to Albert's office by my family member who he also has helped in the past. Now I recommend Albert Abkarian to all my friends! If you have been in a car accident and looking for legal help, definitely go visit their office! Great Team!

Lia G, Glendale, CA7/11/2018

I wish we could rate Albert and his team higher!! My husband and I were in a car accident that led to substantial car damage and injuries. We hired an attorney who was referred to us by my former employer and did everything he told us to do. Then, when our chiropractic and medical bills came, he dropped our case and had us fend for ourselves. With over $3000 in car damages and $7000 in medical bills, we were shocked that this could even happen! That is when our chiropractor worked with us to find a Lawyer that would defend us and help us out of this terrible mess.

The lovely woman from our doctor's office referred us to Abkarian and Associates who provided us with the level of professional reassurance that we wish had been our experience from the start. Albert not only took our case but made sure that the shitty lawyer we had hired wouldn't benefit from this incident. Albert's calm and sensible demeanor made us feel we were in good hands. His equally talented and hardworking paralegal, Elena was more than accommodating, informative and patient with us as I can be quite a micromanager. Elena was an invaluable part of this tedious process as she was always available and ready to answer any and all questions.

In the end, they really made our year by stepping up to the plate and helping us win a settlement that felt like a gift from the gods.

Alanna, Y, Los Angeles4/16/2018

Albert is one of the best attorneys with such a great personality. He is very knowledgeable and very caring. Highly recommended he will take care of everything in great timely manner.

Alina M., Glendale1/24/2018

Albert and his associates were most helpful in trying time - they helped resolve my case with the best outcome possible, explaining everything along the way - I learned a lot about CA auto law. Some people seem to complain about speed or communication, but it seems like they don't really understand the process. My settlement took some time, but you kind of want it to take time, to be sure everything is getting taken care of. I'd go to them again in a second, though I hope I never have to!

John K, Los Angeles12/21/2017

Albert Abkarian & Associates are the best law firm, group of individuals I have ever worked with.

Albert, Elena, and Melissa were extremely helpful in every step of the way, in resolving my accident case.

Elena and Melissa's greeting and smiles, just made you feel as if you were in your own comfortable, home setting.

From meeting Albert the first time, shaking his hand, you can tell, he is a stand up, authentic human being. Even though their was a Forbes magazine in a picture frame, hanging from his office wall, he did not boast about it, not once. You could tell, he was deeply appreciative of this award.

Thank You Team: Albert, Elena, and Melissa for working on my accident case, as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

You all, made the headache of the other party's insurance company go away because of your amazing, amazing work.

I am grateful for a law firm like yours.

Thank You Albert Abkarian & Associates : )

Chris G, Los Angeles12/17/2017

Mr.Abkarian and associates did amazing work , were very professional, made everything very simple and stress free , always let me know what was going on with anything new and settled my case fast and with ease , thank you again for your work.

Louie L, Riverside, CA10/12/2017

Mr. Albert Abkarian is an attorney that will fight for you. I was involved in a slip and fall at a gym. It was me against a huge corporation. Mr. Abkarian fought for me from the beginning until the end. From the start of the case, I was very irritable due to the pain I was experiencing and spending a few months in crutches. Mr. Abkarian and his employees made the entire process easier on me and allowed me to focus on my health. I will always recommend Mr. Abkarian to other family and friends who are looking for a knowledgeable and respected lawyer.

VM Glendale CA8/28/2017

Professional, excellent negotiating skills. Knows the ins and outs of defense PI law. Well respected in his field. Treated me very well and got the most possible on my unfortunate accident. Had to negotiate and collect from two insurance policies and handled the Med pay. He made the best of a bad situation. I definitely recommend this office if you want to be treated right.

Staci P. Westlake Village, CA8/2/2017

I can't say enough good things about Abkarian and Associates.
They were always very up front and thorough with me, and considering that any time you're contacting and/or hiring a lawyer it can be a somewhat stressful time.
They gave me all the information they'd receive, always keeping me up to date. That in itself kept me not only at ease, but they inspired confidence.
Considering how friendly and helpful they all are, I can highly recommend using Abkarian and Associates.
Thank You All!

Same E. Covina, CA7/6/2017

Albert & his staff are wonderful & have helped me through 2 auto accidents. The first one I was by myself & the second one involved my son & I & my car was totaled, however I knew exactly where to go & who would help us to get better. I recommended & trusted them also when my mom was involved in a car accident. I trust them so much & am so grateful they were able to fight for me when I didn't even know where to begin. I am so thankful they were able to help me through a situation that started off very stressful & put my mind to ease. Thanks again!

Venessa B., Chino Hills, CA6/29/2017