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The seriousness of the criminal case at hand should never determine whether you need a criminal defense attorney. The American justice system is complicated and could vary in each state. Hiring a lawyer protects you from an oversight that could land you in prison. You do not have to look back and wish that you had fought a little harder for yourself or a loved one.

Why you need a criminal defense attorney


A lawyer can negotiate the sentencing terms with deals a plea bargains. Minute cases may deserve elimination of all charges, while others might save you from a severe sentence. Truth is some crimes will always have sentencing.

The work of an attorney is to give the court a different view, that pertains to your case. You may get a shorter sentence, possibility of an appeal, or serving time in a rehab program.

Emotional support

The attorney is far from a therapist. Garrett T. Ogata is, however, an experienced attorney who understands the pleas of all his clients. The court and society involved may be justly against you or your actions, making the only person who follows your predicament to be the criminal defense attorney. They will discuss the realities of the legal system realistically and give you a bird’s eye view of what to expect and how to act in the face of incrimination.


An experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys have dealt with cases similar to yours. They have insight into gambling-related crimes and all the possible ways one could unhinge a client from due consequences. Our firm also has experience in handling critical issues of the following natures:

  • DUIs
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug charges
  • Casino crimes
  • Possession of firearms
  • Personal injury
  • Bail arraignment

Assess law enforcement conducts

The average modern user of Facebook and media may think that they have enough understanding of the actual legal limits of misconducts by the law enforcement units. The attorney will give a refined analysis of all information that identifies loopholes and blind spots. These evidence materials should not be under scrutinized because they could be precisely what the court needs to understand your viewpoint.


One may assume that petty crimes like a false domestic violence accusation will undoubtedly eave you scot-free. The binder is that you do not have a clue what the other attorney is digging up to make sure you are behind bars.

Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys will be your only hope in procuring evidence and statement to clear your name. More prominent cases will also benefit from similar services because the attorney will recruit all the help possible to give your case fair play.

Familiarity in the system

The law offices of Garret T. Ogata have long-standing relationships with the prosecutors. It may seem odd that the defense attorney has working relationships with the adversaries. The reality at the ground is that both parties understand everyone deserves proper representation. An attorney who knows how to communicate with the office in charge will drastically improve the outcome of the case.


Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys
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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys