Bike accident attorneys nearby

Albert Abkarian, at Albert Abkarian & Associates APLC, is an experienced, skilled, and highly successful injury attorney in California. As one of the top bike accident attorneys nearby, Albert possesses exceptional negotiation skills and analytical abilities. In case of a bike accident, hire us for our:

  1. Objectivity And Legal Knowledge

It can be difficult to assess and evaluate things objectively after an accident. Having our attorney take care of your case can relieve you from the stress of single-handedly facing your legal battles. An attorney can help you make an informed decision and offer valuable legal advice, ensuring you recover optimal compensation for your losses and injuries.

  1. Handling Insurance Company

One of the intimidating parts of a bike accident is communicating with an insurance company. They will try to blame you for the accident and quote the least amount as compensation for your losses. If you handle your case without an attorney, the insurance adjuster may think you are not serious about your claim and may try to take advantage of you.

Working with our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer can help you get substantial compensation from the insurance company. Our attorney will level the playing field, protect your rights and interests and ensure that you receive reasonable compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering. More importantly, they will liaise with the defendant’s insurer or attorney and tackle the negotiations on your behalf, saving you from stress.

  1. Determining Whether You Have A Case

As someone with very little or no legal knowledge, it can be difficult for you to determine your claim’s worth. Consulting one of our personal injury attorneys in LA, CA, can help you understand if you actually have an injury claim. Our attorney can also educate you about your rights and what to expect during the litigation.

  1. Proving Your Injuries

Once you know you have an injury claim, the next task is to prove liability. You must gather and collect evidence to prove liability in your injury claim. As an amateur, you may not have access to high-end technological or legal resources like bicycle accident lawyers to collect evidence.

As a leading bike accident law firm, we have an expert witness panel, private investigators, and astute paralegals who will work on your case diligently and gather valuable evidence supporting your claim. We will also contact witnesses to your accident and interview them, building an unbeatable case on your behalf.

  1. Assessing The Value Of Your Claim

One can easily underestimate the extent of their injuries and their long-term consequences on quality of life when negotiating with the insurance adjuster. Our bike injury attorneys in Los Angeles possess admirable analytical abilities, allowing them to assess the actual worth of your claim. Our attorneys evaluate how the accident has affected and may affect different aspects of your life and compute the most accurate value of your claim.

Call 855-888-1808 to hire one of the best bike accident attorneys nearby. Albert Abkarian & Associates APLC has helped hundreds of accident victims seek justice and their rightful compensation from the at-fault parties within a short period. Let us handle your claim and relieve you from the stress of dealing with your legal battles.