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A catastrophic injury attorney can help when you need it most. In the wake of a catastrophic injury, you’re liable to feel hurt, confused and lonely. There is help. You aren’t alone. Your loved ones will be there for you. There are people who rely on you who can help you now. Beyond that, you have so many concerns, many of which you probably haven’t had to worry about before. This is where an attorney can come in so handy. They can give you one less thing to worry about.

Typically, the legal definition of catastrophic injuries is injuries that are per or last for a very long period of time. Some injuries that start as minor injuries can eventually develop into catastrophic injuries. If you have any concern that you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury, the first thing to do is to make sure that you’re as OK as you can be. Then, call 911. Once you’ve been secured and spoken to your loved ones, the next step is to contact an attorney.

There are many different kinds of injuries that can be classified as “catastrophic.” For example, organ damage that’s serious, or traumatic brain injuries would qualify as catastrophic. Any injury that results in partial or even full paralysis, or causes the loss of limbs or the necessity of amputation is rightly known as catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries also include any kind of trauma to the spinal cord, or head, brain and neck. Disfigurement can be catastrophic or even compound and multiple bone fractures. Should you suffer any of these, contact a catastrophic injury attorney thusly.

A catastrophic injury leads to a changing reality. As you’ll almost assuredly have a diminished capacity for work, the wages you’ve lost will have to be made up. An attorney who deals with catastrophic injury casees can help with this. The lawyers at Abkarian & Associates can help with the lost wages in the interim. Then, after winning you benefits and the like, those can help go towards the wages you have lost over the course of your injury.

In the wake of a catastrophic injury, the last thing anyone wants to have to think about is paying for their attorney. That’s why Abkarian & Associates adhere to a rigid “No Recovery / No Fee” policy. You won’t have to pay unless they win a reward or settlement on your behalf. This way, you don’t have to be concerned with adding attorney fees on top of everything else you have to pay for. You can just focus on what’s important: your own healing and recovery.

With that said, the hospital bills for a catastrophic injury sufferer can be truly staggering. Essentially no one has the kind of savings and money to deal with both the medical bills and the long term effects “out of the blue.” Abkarian & Associates can help with the medical bills in the meantime. Then, after your case is complete and they’ve won you money, you can put that towards the long term bills.

Insurance companies don’t want to have to pay in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury. They know that they’re on the hook for a lot of money, as they’ll have to pay for your treatment and recovery for some time. To that end, they’ll do everything in their power to make sure they can pay less, or that they won’t even have to pay at all. That’s why you need an attorney that’s willing to do everything in their power on your behalf.

Many catastrophic injury cases don’t make it to court. Some can be negotiated. In this circumstance, it’s critically important to have a catastrophic injury attorney on your side as well. One with insurance company negotiation experience (like the attorneys at Abkarian & Associates) can work to get you the money you deserve. They know what insurance companies are like in negotiation, and they won’t stop until they get you your money.

That being stated, taking the first settlement the insurance company offers is rarely the right thing to do for the injured party and their family. Often, it’s a low-ball number that’s much less than what the injured party should get. A catastrophic injury attorney from Abkarian & Associates will only take a deal that’s right for you. They won’t stop fighting or negotiating until you get everything you deserve. They keep you in the loop so that you can help to make the most informed decision.

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Many catastrophic injury cases do go to court. When that happens, what you’ll need most is an attorney with experience arguing catastrophic injury cases in a court of law. The insurance company has a team of top rate lawyers on their side. They’ve been doing this for many years, and they have a lot of success in keeping rewards down. You need attorneys fighting for you who have a strong track record in beating insurance companies in court.

There’s almost no amount of money that can make up for a catastrophic injury. The trauma, whether it be physical, emotional or mental probably can’t be made up in an amount of money. However, the money can help. It can provide for your family. It can provide for caregivers who can help you so that you can enjoy your time with your family without them having to help you quite as much. The money is one way that an attorney can help you to better protect your family.

A lawyer that deals with catastrophic injury cases should see this not only as a job but as a well to help people. No one asks to be hit with a catastrophic injury. This is a problem solving job, where the problem is: “what’s the best way to help the injured party and their family?” You deserve lawyers who don’t see your case as dollar signs or a name on a spreadsheet. Rather, you should have the kind of attorneys that are willing to work the longest hours and put their entire focus on you.

While every attorney says they handle catastrophic injury cases, and that they’re a great personal injury lawyer, the sad truth is that very few are. In an area like Southern California, there are many attorneys available. A small number of them can actually take on a catastrophic injury case and win. The attorneys at Abkarian & Associates have been winning catastrophic injury cases for more than two decades. In that time, they’ve racked up a 98% success rate.

The truth is, when you go up against an insurance company, their resources are essentially infinite. They can bring out their own experts, investigators, and everything else imaginable to try and win the case. That’s what makes using a firm like Abkarian & Associates so critical. They have the resources to match. They can go “toe to toe” with an insurance company in terms of both resources and finances. With them at your side, you’ll go up against an insurance company ready and prepared.

One of the best things a catastrophic injury attorney can offer is an open line of communication. You’re liable to have so many questions during this difficult time in your life. The best attorneys are the ones who are willing to sit down with you and answer any questions you might have, patiently, comprehensively and in depth. They can explain the intricate details of your case in such a way that you can easily understand. That way, you can make the best, most informed decision for you and your family.

Experience is important at every step of a catastrophic injury case. From investigating the claims at the beginning, to filing the right paperwork, to negotiating to the courtroom itself and beyond; you deserve the best attorneys by your side during this time. That’s what you’ll get when you contact Abkarian Law at (818)290-8250 for a catastrophic injury attorney.

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