Dog Bite Case Attorney

Dog Bite Case Attorney or Lawyer In Los Angeles: When Animals Attack

Dog Bite Case Attorney

Dog and animal bites can be a serious, painful business. It may seem like something innocent, and it can be a problem that jumps in a moment’s notice, but when a dog or other animal bites you, you need to seek help immediately. It’s natural and normal to be in shock. However, after the injuries settle, calling attorneys who specialize in animal and dog attacks is the right thing to do so that you get what you deserve.

Before you call an attorney after being attacked by an animal however, the most important thing you can do is to seek medical attention. You may feel that you were lucky, and that the dog or animal didn’t break through the skin. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have sustained terrible bruises. You could’ve even suffered other internal injuries, the extent of which won’t be known for a long period of time. That’s what makes getting medical attention so important. Getting tested and thoroughly checked out is important, too. This will become all the more important when it becomes time to take legal action.

One of the best things about Southern California is that it’s possible to go outside every day. In the nice weather, going for a run or other kind of outdoor exercise can be healthy as well as enjoyable. When a dog or other animal attacks you, though, everything stops being fun very quickly. If a dog bites you and leaves, it might feel natural not to call for an attorney. However, if you develop injuries later and didn’t call an attorney who specializes in animal bites, it will be harder to prove your case and get you the money you owe.

A firm like Abkarian & Associates stipulates that they specialize in “dog and animal bites” because that’s what they do. There are a lot more than just dogs in southern California. Lizards, spiders, snakes, reptiles, some people around the area even have exotic jungle cats – you never know what you’re going to run into out on a hike in LA. When it bites you and harms you however, you’re going to want a law firm that’s dealt with these kinds of cases before.

Dogs have been called “man’s best friend” and “the god of frolic” for centuries for a reason. They’re lovable, sociable, amazing creatures. However, when one hurts you, you can’t hesitate to reach out and get help. Abkarian & Associates attorneys who specialize in animal bites have seen it all before, so they know how difficult things can be. They can help you to make the right decisions at every step of the process.

Why Choose The Right Dog Bite Case Attorney or Lawyer to Represent You

Recovering from Dog Bites

Even dog or animal bites that don’t seem serious in the moment may end up being incredibly damaging. After seeking medical help, the bills could pile up in a hurry. The attorneys at Abkarian & Associates can help you to offset those medical bills. Beyond that, they can also get you a legal reward that can help you to have to deal with any of those medical bills. No one plans to have to deal with the financial fallout from a serious animal or dog bite. These attorneys can lessen that burden.

By that same token, it’s possible to lose significant wages due to animal bites. Should the bite be so severe as to negatively affect your work performance, financial compensation is in order. The attorneys at Abkarian & Associates have a proven track record of helping the victims of animal and dog attacks to get what they’re owed for the suffering and recovery they’ve had to go through.

One of the best things about Abkarian & Associates is that they have a significant amount of resources. They have some of the best experts in the industry who can find out exactly what happened with the dogs and animals that bit you. They can help to find any witnesses, or other circumstances that may have contributed to the injury you suffered. Knowledge is power, and the more of it you and your legal team have, the more powerful you’ll be.

Dog owners can be legally liable for the dog bites their pets inflict in a variety of ways. Typically, this comes from a form of negligence. The dog is the dog owner’s. They’re responsible for ensuring that the dog didn’t attack people or otherwise harm them. Obviously, once you’re injured, they’ll have failed. In this circumstance, it’s critically important to have the kinds of attorneys who can get you the money you deserve.

Many places in LA say that dogs (or other animals) don’t have to be on leashes. However, there are many more places where owners are expressly told to leave their animals on leashes. If you suffered animal bites because an owner didn’t properly leash or otherwise control their animal, then you absolutely need the services of a top flight law firm like Abkarian & Associates. With years of experience in this kind of case, they can get you what you deserve for your animal bites.

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Many dogs, unfortunately, have a history of hurting or otherwise injuring people. As it can be extremely difficult to let go of an animal, many pet owners simply don’t. Even more unfortunate, this often leads to someone else getting hurt. When you’re hurt by a dog that has a history and are faced with an owner who should’ve done something about the animal sooner, then you deserve the caliber of attorneys who can make the owner pay financially for what they failed to do.

Some people, even after suffering grievous dog bites, feel reticent about bringing a suit against a dog or pet owner. However, beyond the financial reward to the victim, one of the other things this kind of suit can do is serve as a kind of deterrence. After losing a suit like this, the dog or animal owner will probably make better decisions. Hopefully, they won’t put others in the position where they could be hurt by an animal.

When children suffer dog and animal bites, it’s especially tragic. They don’t understand everything that goes into it, and naturally they’re going to be incredibly frightened. They can even suffer more damaging injuries; on account of they’re still developing bones. This is the kind of case where the Abkarian & Associates can come in even handier. Kids can’t really defend themselves against an animal or dog attack, but the right attorneys can defend their interests in court.

Most cases that involve injuries from dog and animal bites never make it to trial. Thus, it becomes very important to have attorneys who really know what they’re doing in negotiating. It can be difficult to deal with insurance companies and the like. Attorneys who aren’t used to it, or who only have a little bit of experience, can lose rather quickly and decisively. Your health and well-being are too important to leave to someone who doesn’t have a wealth of experience.

The attorneys at Abkarian & Associates have seen these kinds of cases many times before. They know all of the tricks of the trade, and can bring them to bear for your case. When negotiating with the insurance companies, they make sure to not take the first deal, but rather to get you the best one. On top of that, should the case ever actually make it to court, they have the resources and experiences of standing up to insurance companies to get you and yours everything you’re owed.

Animal and dog attacks can be traumatic and terrifying. The recovery can be just as hard as the attack. You deserve to be compensated for any injuries, mental anguish and anything else. The attorneys at Abkarian & Associates can handle your case that deals with injuries stemming from dog and animal bites. Contact them at (818)290-8250.

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Dog Bite Case Attorney FAQ’s

Does home owner’s policy cover dog bites?

Most homeowner’s policies do cover dog bites and any injuries you suffer from a dog bite injury.

Do I need a shot after a dog bite?

You should visit an emergency room and follow doctors advise as to what you will need after a dog bite.

If I have a scar, can we get treatment or surgery for the scar?

Yes, the insurance company has to pay for your scar and repair of the scar through creams or plastic surgery.  They are also responsible to pay compensation if you have a scar that will be a life long skin scar.

Do renters insurance cover dog bites?

Some policies do cover dog bite if they have liability insurance.  On some cases, if the owner of the property was aware of dogs in the property, their insurance company would be responsible for your injuries.

Do I need an attorney for a dog bite case?

Yes, there are complicated issues on these type of cases and immediate investigate needs to be done to document claims.  Call our office so we may immidatley open a claim and start our investigation.