injury attorney Miami

injury attorney Miami

How To Identify The Best Injury Attorney In Miami

While it may be difficult to select a single attorney as the best injury attorney in Miami, you should be able to hire a reliable injury attorney when you apply some of the tips outlined right below.

Experience is very important

There is no gainsaying the fact that best injury attorney in Miami will definitely be one of the most experienced attorneys in Miami. In every profession, experience comes with so much expertise because the more you render service the more you get better.

Besides, as you grow in law you will continue to add to your network of attorneys. Needless to say, experienced lawyers usually have very wide networks. The major advantage of this comes in two ways. When an attorney is acquainted to the judge, it usually swings judgment in favor of the attorney’s client.

On the other hand, the attorney may be conversant with the judge’s quirks and biases and he will take advantage of them.

Being based in Miami

The best injury attorney in Miami has to be based in Miami and most importantly, he should be licensed to operate in Miami. While laws guiding injury may be similar among the States in America, there are certain differences. So, it is only an attorney based in your city that can be abreast of the ever-changing injury laws.

No matter his level of experience and expertise, an attorney based in Ohio cannot be more qualified to defend a Miami-based client on an incident that occurred in Miami.

Good communication skills

While some attorneys will overwhelm you with a lot of legal jargons in their communication, some great lawyers will come down to your level to communicate with you in clear terms. This should also be one of your criteria for selection of an injury lawyer.

A reliable attorney should always come down to the level of his clients. According to Bill Gates, if you can’t explain any term in simple words, you don’t really understand the term. This quote is applicable here too. Any lawyer whose communications are usually fraught with too many legal jargons is either trying to bamboozle you or he is not as experienced as you think.


Integrity is a common hallmark of successful attorneys. From onset, they will make their charges very clear and they will also tell you your chances of winning the case. They won’t exaggerate your chances just to charge you higher.

The best part is that the best injury attorneys do not have hidden fees. They will never surprise you with an additional fee at the middle of the proceedings. In fact, some of them are so confident of themselves that they prefer you to pay them with a percentage of the claim. This implies that they will only earn when you win your case. That makes them a stakeholder too.

Win-loss ratio

Apart from experience, another great yardstick for assessing an attorney is his win-loss ratio (or win percentage). What makes an experience worthy is a high win percentage? Of course, there is a big difference between 5 year-experience and 1 year-experience repeated 4 times. The win-loss ratio is what makes the difference.

In conclusion, any injury attorney in Miami that meets all the requirements outlined above is good enough to be listed among the best in Miami.


injury attorney Miami

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