Is Weed Legal In Georgia

Is Weed Legal In Georgia

Every state of the US has a different law about the regulation of cannabis. Each has its penalty and legality. While states have legalized the use of cannabis, some are still imposing strict laws on regulating cannabis, such as Georgia’s state.

So, what does the law regarding cannabis says in the state of Georgia? This southern state is quite strict and conservative when it comes to regulating cannabis. Under its statutes, recreational cannabis is illegal. So, possession, selling, cultivating, and trafficking cannabis or marijuana will penalize you with jail time or a fine.

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Ga Dui and Marijuana

As mentioned earlier, in Georgia, recreational cannabis is against the law. However, the law had eased a bit when it decriminalized marijuana possession in some cities of Georgia. So, some will penalize you with a fine instead of facing jail time if you have less than an ounce of marijuana.

So, what about DUI? Under Georgia law, DUI drugs are worse than when you get convicted for DUI Alcohol. DUI is when you’re driving under the influence of drugs while in control of the vehicle. Even when you’re using marijuana for medical purposes, you can still be charged with DUI drugs since medicinal cannabis is illegal.

Penalties for DUI vary upon the type of DUI charge. It can also depend if you already had prior misconduct with a similar scenario. And since this is worse than DUI alcohol, you can expect that the consequence will be harsher.

The consequences include paying a fine, mandatory drug screening and treatment (if necessary), community service, probation, DUI classes, and suspension of your driver’s license for a minimum of 6 months. It will depend on how many times you have committed the offense.

When to Get A Defense Attorney

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Is Weed Legal In Georgia

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