Working Together: Mediation Lawyers and Attorneys in Los Angeles

Mediation attorneys can be of great assistance when you go into a particularly difficult mediation. Mediation isn’t just like being in court. It isn’t just like arbitration, either. Having attorneys on your side with significant mediation experience can be critical to getting everything you want out of the mediation. You’ll want to search high and low for the best, most season mediation attorneys to be at your side in mediation.

So many attorneys in the Southern California area say that they’re great at mediation, or that they have significant experience with it. However, very few of them actually do. To find attorneys who can actually assist in mediation, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Separating the pretenders from those who truly know what they’re doing can be difficult, but it’s also the only way to get the results that you’re looking for.

The best kinds of mediation lawyers, obviously, are the ones who’ve done it before. They haven’t just been in mediation before; they’ve gotten great deals for their clients that are similar to what they’re looking for. The more mediation sessions a lawyer has been in, the more beneficial they can be to your mediation. One that hasn’t really done it before, or has only been in a few, probably can’t help much. However, attorneys with lots of experience in mediation can be worth their weight in gold.

It’s important to choose a mediation lawyer who has the kind of experience you’re looking for in your mediation as well. For example, most mediation is about finding a middle ground that both sides can agree to. That’s why some clients look for a mediation lawyer who is great at finding some kind of compromise between the two parties. They have a gift for getting others to see their point of view, and that can come in very handy in mediation.

You want a lawyer in mediation who knows your goals, understands them, and knows how to make them happen. A lawyer who’s an “attack dog” can be a great boon in some mediations, but can also be an active hindrance in others. Mediation attorneys with the right kind of experience can “read the room.” Often in mediation, it’s deeply important to convince the other party, as opposed to a neutral third party. That can take a different skill set then just being an attack dog.

One of the most important things a mediation lawyer can do for you is to go through all of your written agreements before mediation begins. You deserve an attorney that focuses on your case. They’re willing to put everything aside so that they can make sure you get their undivided attention. By focusing solely on you, they give you the best chance to get what you want out of any mediation. That’s the absolute bottom line that you should always insist on. Abkarian & Associates always provide that to their clients.

Mediation Attorneys: Negotiating for You

A great mediation lawyer will sit down with their client before the mediation and work out a strategy. They’ll figure out what can be compromised on, and what can’t. They’ll walk you through it, step by step so that you know what to expect no matter what happens. They understand that the more prepared you are, the better a case you can make and ultimately the better a deal you can get. Mediation is rarely about “beating the other side” or “winning,” it’s about getting the most of what you want.

That being said, great mediation attorneys are always willing to fight the right amount for you. They don’t go into mediation and then roll over, not getting you what you want. There are always baselines, of what they won’t accept on your behalf. You deserve to have an attorney that won’t compromise too far for you, nor promise too much. The more clear-eyed you are going into mediation, the more likely you are to get a great settlement that gets you what you want.

Mediation is, at the end of the day, about patience. It’s easy to get frustrated as it can be a difficult process that’s ultimately time consuming. To that end, you deserve an advocate that is going to see you through the entire process. In something as personal as mediation, it’s important to have an attorney you can lean and rely on during the entire length of the process. It’s easy to get impatient and just want to rush things; great mediation attorneys will help you to keep on an even, level keel.

By that same token, it’s important to realize that mediation doesn’t typically just happen in one session. Maybe it will. A great attorney can sometimes make that happen. However, often it takes several sessions of long, difficult negotiations. The more experienced an attorney is, the more likely they are to be able to weather that storm with you, ultimately getting to the other shore of the settlement and agreement that you’ve been looking for.

The best attorneys at mediation like at Abkarian & Associates grasp the fundamental truth at the core of mediation: you have to impress the other side. You have to make that argument that gets them to realize that their best move to make a good settlement with you. That’s where the experience of Abkarian & Associates really sets them apart from the others.

Through over two decades of representing many business clients in mediation, they know the kinds of arguments that can sway the other side like the back of their hand. That doesn’t mean that they can get you the best agreement quickly. However, it does mean that they know the path towards you getting you the settlement where you can get the most of what you want. Years of experience can be brought to bear for you on your behalf.

In fact, often mediation starts before the actual mediation sessions. It’s here that having professional, experienced lawyers on your side becomes all the more critical. They know innately the right thing to do at every step of the process. Maybe the right settlement can be reached before the sessions, or maybe it will take several sessions to get what you want. They’re able to walk you through it every step of the way.

On top of that, the best mediation attorneys always keep the communication open with their clients. For example, the lawyers at Abkarian & Associates make sure to keep their clients aware of every single change and communication in the case. The more informed the client is, the more likely they are to make the right decision for their needs every step of the way. It’s one more way that experienced attorneys can do right by their clients.

Many law firms say they have attorneys with mediation experience, but few can match the sheer amount of expertise that Abkarian & Associates boasts. In fact, Mr. Abkarian has been a volunteer mediator before. That means he’s seen the arguments that are very successful, as well as the ones that aren’t. By bringing that experience to your case, he can help assure yours has the most successful outcome.

In the end, mediations are about compromise. But, the goal is to get more of what you want out of the mediation sessions while giving up less of what you don’t. That’s where attorneys with mediation experience can really come in handy for your needs. As they’ve been through this particular gauntlet before, they can help you to avoid all the pitfalls and mishaps that separate you from getting the agreement that you want.

You can rest assured that the other side of your mediation will have great attorneys on their side. You want the same so that you can get a great agreement out of the mediation. Contact Abkarian & Associates at (818)290-8250 for mediation attorneys who can work and argue for you.

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