Mold exposure case evaluation in Los Angeles CA

Mold exposure case evaluation in Los Angeles CA

Mold is a fungus found almost anywhere, and toxic mold can cause serious physical harm and property damage. Toxic mold is typically caused by water intrusion from sources such as plumbing issues, roof leaks, or floods. This ageless living form has given rise to a new breed of toxic tort claims, with legal and medical experts arguing the complex health ramifications that follow.

Suppose poisonous mold is detected in your home, apartment, or other property. In that case, a lawsuit may be filed, especially if the building has a previous issue or if thorough cleanup after a flood or other issue was not performed.

When to Contact a Los Angeles Toxic Mold Law Firm

There are about a hundred thousand mold species, some of which are relatively harmless while others can cause serious and life-changing health problems. When exposed to pathogenic molds, allergic molds, or poisonous molds such as Memnoniella and Stachybotrys, you may develop major health problems that are expensive to treat and incurable.

Toxic mold exposure can cause everything from allergic reactions to mold odor ailments, serious pathogenic infections, and life-changing conditions such as tuberculosis, cancer, SIDS, chronic tiredness, lupus, fibromyalgia, and Epstein-Barr syndrome. In addition, mold is frequently the cause or trigger of respiratory problems and asthma, and some people exposed have a pulmonary hemorrhage. Mold exposure has also been linked to death.

If you have symptoms or have been diagnosed with any of these ailments and suspect mold exposure, contact an experienced Mold litigation attorney immediately.

Who Has Liability for Toxic Mold Sickness?

Finding who may be liable might be difficult if you become ill due to poisonous mold. Inferior construction work, defective building materials, or the owner’s or a prior owner’s negligence could all play a role in deciding responsibility. For example, if you rent your house and become ill due to toxic mold, your landlord may be held liable, especially when he or she was aware of the toxic mold and did nothing to remove it.

What Are the Rights of Toxic Mold Victims?

If hazardous mold makes you sick, you may be entitled to claim for failure to disclose or negligence. Under California law, a victim of carelessness may seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and all other damages resulting from the injury or illness.

Mold exposure Legal cases are tricky. Multiple defendants may be held liable, and specific medical expertise will be required. If you fall ill due to toxic mold in your home or workplace, contact an expert personal injury attorney right away for mold exposure case evaluation in Los Angeles CA.

You Need an Experienced Mold Exposure Lawyer on Your Side

Suppose you or a family member has been damaged by mold in your home, and the negligence of another party caused the mold. In that case, the accomplished lawyers for mold exposure victims at Albert Abkarian & Associates APLC have the legal knowledge, expertise, and technological savvy you require. We are here to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us for mold exposure case evaluation in Los Angeles CA.

Mold exposure case evaluation in Los Angeles CA