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After a motorcycle accident, it’s natural to not know where to turn. They’re a particularly calamitous kind of accident. It’s not easy to recover from. Even if you manage to escape from one seemingly unscathed, injuries can show up long after the accident.

When you’ve been through an accident on a motorcycle, you’re liable to not think about finding an attorney. However, there are plenty of good reasons to find an attorney quickly. Unfortunately, it’s rare that there’s a “minor” accident on a motorcycle. Driving a motorcycle is a uniquely thrilling experience: you against the road, all by yourself on a technological marvel. However, all that freedom comes with a tradeoff: you’re completely exposed.

That also makes a motorcycle driver uniquely vulnerable. Attorneys with experience in motorcycle cases can help you to recover strongly (both financially and otherwise) from an accident. The faster you find an attorney to deal with your motorcycle accident, the better off you’ll be. The quicker they get into the case, the faster they can start advocating on your behalf. Of course, it’s not easy to pick an attorney for your motorcycle crash case. There are so many to choose from, and it’s hard to tell the good ones from the pretenders.
These are a few reasons why Abkarian & Associates are the right attorney for your accident on a motorcycle case.

After a Motorcycle Accident

There are so many different things that could cause a motorcycle accident that are no fault of the motorcyclist. Even anexperienced motorcyclist might miss some of them. That could cause them to receive less than they would (if possiblynot receive anything) from their case. That’s why it’s important to get attorneys who have a significant amount of resourceson your side in a case. They have the kinds of experts who can find who the real culprit was. For example, wearing ahelmet is the law when driving a motorcycle. A driver wearing a helmet on a motorcycle is infinitely safer than one whoisn’t wearing a helmet. However, when the helmet’s defective and the motorcyclist is injured (or even dies) in a crash,it’s not the motorcyclist’s fault. It’s the fault of whoever made the helmet. Abkarian & Associates has experiencedealing with cases that handle defective helmets and can get you and yours the money you deserve.

The same goes for theconstruction of the motorcycles themselves. There are hundreds to thousands of moving parts in a motorcycle, many ofthem incredibly intricate and small. When they’re defective and it leads to an accident, that’s the fault of many peoplewho aren’t whoever was driving the motorcyclist. These companies have a lot of money and attorneys. You deserve motorcycleaccident attorneys who are good enough to match them and beat them. Tire blowouts can cause motorcycle accidents, butthey can come from a wide variety of causes. They can be the fault of the motorcycle’s manufacturers. They can be thefault of whoever made or even installed the tires. The blowout could be caused by poorly maintained roads, or many otherculprits. Experienced motorcycle crash experts (that come from a law firm like Abkarian & Associates) can find whoowes you for the accident, and make them pay accordingly.

Too many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who weren’ton a motorcycle. Distracted drivers, reckless drivers, those under the influence – they can all cause you to have a motorcyclecrash. Even worse, they can cause a “hit and run” which means they can be hard to track down. Something like that canbest be handled by a law firm that has experienced investigators on its side. That way, they can find who’s at fault,and then the law firm can negotiate on your behalf to get you what’s right. When people hear that there’s been a motorcyclecrash, they’re liable to think that the motorcyclist was at fault. However, study after study shows that this isn’t thecase. In fact, it’s been proven that over two-thirds of motorcycle crashes aren’t the fault of the motorcyclist. Theright law firm, Abkarian & Associates, can make sure that the right person or group is put at fault, and not thevictim who just happened to on their motorcycle.

Taking On the Insurance Companies… and Winning

Insurance companies are powerful. They can have what seems like almost limitless resources. They can call in, at a moment’s notice, the best attorneys, investigators, experts and more. All of these resources can be put to one use: making sure you don’t get what you’re owed. That’s essentially what the insurance company is there for. Abkarian & Associates fights hard to make sure that their clients extract a sense of financial justice and closure from the insurance company. Going through a motorcycle accident is terrible. It’s worse if you’ve been injured. Even an accident that seems like it hasn’t hurt the motorcyclist can go on to be a problem should injuries appear long after the accident. Hospital bills can add up incredibly quickly. Most people don’t really plan for having to pay for an extended hospital stay (or other medical expenses) in their finances. This is yet another reason why it’s all the more important that you have great attorneys on your side.

The best motorcycle accident attorneys fight hard to make sure that you get the money you’re owed. Beyond that, Abkarian & Associates helps with out of pocket expenses. The time after a motorcycle crash can be unimaginably difficult. That’s why you need someone on your side who’s’ willing to help in many different ways; legally, financially and more. By helping with the out of pocket expenses, Abkarian & Associates can give you one less thing to worry about. Sometimes, unfortunately, a motorcycle crash can lead to a wrongful death. Nothing, no financial reward can make up for the life of a loved one. When this occurs, no one ever wants to think about getting an attorney because there are so many other things to worry about. Abkarian & Associates can step into the breach and get working on your case right away, so that you can focus on the more pressing, important matters. There are few things that are more demoralizing than going through a motorcycle crash, being injured (or even losing a loved one) going to court and then losing the case. This can be a truly devastating emotional experience.

That’s just one more reason that Abkarian & Associates is such an effective firm. With a 98% success rate, they get their clients the money, closure and justice they need even in the most trying circumstances. Not every case has to go to court, though. Abkarian & Associates has a proven track record of taking on insurance companies (and others) and winning, whether that’s in the courtroom, at the negotiating table or anywhere else. They can get you the settlement that can make up for the lost wages and get you back on your feet, financially. They don’t stop fighting until they get you what you’re owed, what you truly deserve. Sometimes, that means they don’t take the first deal the insurance company (or other party) offers. Abkarian & Associates keep you in the loop every step of the way, so that you know how your case is going as it develops.

They let you know every move and what it means, so that you can make the most informed decision for you and your family. There are many law firms out there in Southern California to help with your motorcycle crash case. However, there’s only one that has the right amount of experience, resources and sheer know-how to make sure that you get everything you should. Hire Abkarian & Associates at (818)290-8250 to handle your motorcycle accident case.

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