Patent Attorney New York

Patent Attorney New York

There is nothing on this planet that is new because every idea was once and still is in someone else’s imagination. It would help if you pursued a patent to protect yourself and the newly formed intellectual property. The process of attaining a patent is not complicated when you rely on a lawyer to deal with the paperwork and streamlining the process. The only consideration is you should not find just any attorney for the patent work, instead work with a specialized patent attorney.

Tips of choosing the best patent attorney in New York

Get an estimate

A patent will last up to two decades from the date of application but may take three years before it has the approval to operate as an official patent. It is a lengthy process that is difficult to estimate if you are not aware of the detailed documentation and filing process and pushing the process forward. The right attorney makes the process easy because they can quickly gauge the estimate. Verify how the patent law firm will benefit your process with the following questions:

  • Can I get a lifetime estimate?
  • Can I avoid a churn in the process?
  • What is the cost of the patent on the average price of innovation?
  • What is the expected cost curve of the process?

Choose an attorney with a long-term plan.

Can you get away with the minimal amount throughout the filing process? We suggest considering the long-term plan of the contract to get a realistic perception of the patent. This case means using the hourly pay rate is not realistic because the total amount will be unreasonably high.

The best attorney will work through the long-term plan and find the legal demands that make a rightful patent law plan. Use these services to get your money’s worth and a better idea of how the patent will perform over the long haul. It is almost always preferable to use a patent attorney who will slice your situation to its exact details so that you can chart the course of your property.


Each intellectual property has a different kind of patent agreement. It would help if you chose an attorney who has enough experience to find the right one. An example is that an attorney specializing in IT patent agreements will not be the best one for biological innovations. Some lawyers are diverse enough to design a patent for many different property niches. Rubinstein Law Firm offers a range of patent services, with the industries such as the following:

  • Computer hardware and software
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical


As stated above, only choose the attorney with experience in your particular sector. Our law firm has enough attorneys with a mix of skills that will serve the highest good for your property. Engage with each department in the firm and get more insight into how each sector’s laws will affect your patenting process.

Get an interview

Set up an appointment after narrowing down the right intellectual property law firm and patent lawyer for your case. The lawyer should back up their paper qualifications with references and past works of successful patent applications and management. Get in touch with us today at 516-268-7077 for a free case consultation.

Patent Attorney New York