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Things Many People Don’t Realize About Truck/Big Rig Accidents

Truck/big rig accidents seem like they should be just the same as any other motorized-vehicle accidents, but they’re really quite different. There are different expectations, laws, rules and regulations. This may not seem like an important thing. But, if you’ve been injured in a crash like this and the truck driver was at fault, you’re going to want to know about these facts. They can help you get the money you deserve. Abkarian and Associates can assist with that. They’ve been taking cases like these for many years and are a reliable big rig accident lawyers.

Common Types of Truck/Big Rig Accidents

Just as no two vehicle crashes are the same, neither are any two truck/big rig accidents. It’s rarely a case of someone just crashing into one of these giant trucks. The drivers who get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle can be good, but they can also be inexperienced and distracted as well. So-called sideswipes happen often. Those and rear-end accidents are some of the more common accidents involving these giant trucks. Rollovers are a constant, consistent threat. The blind spots on a vehicle this big are also enormous. All too often, people are injured because the driver didn’t see them in there.

truck/big rig accidents

Who’s Liable?

When you’re in a car and someone runs a red light and hits you, determining liability is not terribly difficult. You were following the rules, the other person wasn’t, therefore, they’re at fault. With truck/big rig accidents, there’s more to it. More parties can be liable for a single accident. Indeed, many of those who could ultimately be liable aren’t even there for the crash. That includes any lessors, who shipped or otherwise loaded the cargo, those who distributed or manufactured the trucking products or even the company that owns the truck.

The Long Haul

Driving a commercial truck is not an easy job. Grueling, demanding, far from home – the job can be incredibly difficult. The long hours are enough to wear anyone down. Sometimes, the drivers get so tired they cause an accident. Fatigue slows their reaction time so significantly that they cause an accident. Should you be injured in an accident like this, you need a great law firm on your side.

Big Rig Crash, Big Law Firm

Abkarian and Associates can help you to take on any insurance company, trucking company, or anyone else that caused you to get hurt. They’ve been in these cases before, so they know what to do for you. To see how they can help, check out their site or call at (855) 888-1808 in the aftermath of truck/big rig accidents.

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