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Slip and Fall Attorneys in Los Angeles: What You Should Know

Slipping and falling can ruin a great day. You’re out with your friends or family, having a very good time, and then all of a sudden, you fall and you’re injured. Hopefully, this is just an inconvenience, and something to laugh about. Unfortunately, many times this leads to a serious injury. When this happens, you need to get slip and fall attorneys in Los Angeles on your side. They can help you to get the compensation you deserve for your injury. When you’ve been hurt, the pros at Abkarian Law can be there for you.

Slip and Fall Attorneys in Los Angeles: Not all “Falls”

The phrase “slip and fall attorneys in Los Angeles” can be a bit confusing, and at times even misleading. Many of the cases Abkarian Law takes in this regard don’t necessarily include people that have slipped or fallen at a location, per se. Often, they’re instead what’s called “premises liability” cases. That means that you were injured by something that happened when you were on someone else’s premises. When their negligence leads to you to being injured, then they’re liable for your injury.

An example of this would be if you parked your car at a store. You walked through the parking lot, went to the store, shopped, and then on the walk back to your car; one of the lights from the ceiling of the parking structure fell on you, injuring you. In this instance, the owner of the location didn’t properly secure the light in the parking garage. You didn’t exactly slip and fall, but you were injured on someone else’s premises through their negligence. This is exactly the kind of case for Abkarian Law.

As you might imagine from that example, there are all kinds of places throughout the Southern California area where a slip and fall case could occur. They happen at stores all the time. Hotels, construction sites, movie theaters, amusement parks and more – if there’s a place where owner or management negligence could lead to someone being injured, unfortunately, a premises liability case/slip and fall case is basically waiting to happen.

What These Personal Injury Lawyers Must Prove

The pros at Abkarian Law can prove your case to get your compensation you deserve. Obviously, they can prove it in court. They have many seasoned, experienced attorneys who love the opportunity to represent their clients in court. It’s something they take great pride in: being able to advocate on behalf of someone to get them the money they and their family deserve. However, that’s not the only place that a compelling case can come in handy.

The insurance company and their liaisons understand everything about your case. From the moment they’re notified that you’ve fallen or gotten a lawyer, they’ve done a thorough examination. When they see that you have a compelling, airtight case, it can spur them to offer even more money for settlement and compensation in negotiation itself. With a good enough case, you can get your money without even having to go to trial.

slip and fall attorneys in los angeles

That being said, there are certain things that Abkarian Law’s attorneys have to be able to prove to get you the settlement you deserve. They have years and years of experience, so they know exactly what to argue when to get you everything you should have. These trained professionals have been doing this for some time, so they now to focus on the most important details to prove what has to proven conclusively.

The first thing they prove is the severity of your injury. That can be more difficult than it seems at first, but it’s something the pros at Abkarian Law absolutely excel at. For example, many times after a slip and fall accident, the injures aren’t visible. Too often, the injuries are in the client’s back. The back isn’t a place on the body that’s prone to visible, exterior bruising. The attorneys that work for Abkarian Law take thorough pictures and witness testimony to build you the best case.

Beyond that, slip and fall attorneys in Los Angeles have to be able to prove that your injuries were caused by a hazardous condition at the premises themselves. Again, this is somewhere where the experience of Abkarian Law really comes into play. They know what to look for in the investigation that will prove to any doubters exactly where you hurt and what caused it. They have an eagle eye for that evidence that proves blame in a visual, indisputable manner.

This investigation can also lead to the real culprit as to what caused your injury on this location. There are so many different things that can hurt you at some locations. Spilled water can lead to a slip and fall, so can faulty wiring, loose railing, cracked floors, and so many other conditions. Abkarian Law has the investigators that can pinpoint exactly what happened. Once they do that, it becomes easier than ever to point out who was truly to blame for this course of events.

And that’s the last thing that Abkarian Law attorneys can prove: negligence. When you’re injured on someone else’s premises, through no fault of your own, something has gone wrong. The owner or maintainers of the location didn’t do their job properly. Through their negligence, you’ll be injured for an extended period of time if not your entire life. You don’t deserve that. The slip and fall attorneys in Los Angeles who work for Abkarian Law can prove that that others were negligent and you suffered the consequences. So, in turn, it’s only right that you’re compensated for your pain.

What Your Attorneys want you to do

Once you’ve fallen at a location, you’re liable to be in shock. This is particularly true if you’ve been seriously injured. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you contact the proper medical authorities. Your health is paramount. You have to take care of you first. Call 911 or some kind of medical professional to get you the care you need to make sure you’re all right.

The next step after that is to call slip and fall attorneys in Los Angeles, once you’re OK. If you’re still at the site, there are a few more things you can do. They may seem like small things in the scheme of things, but if you do them, they can make your case go a lot smoother. In fact, they can lead to you getting even more compensation for your pain. First off, get the names of the owners and managers of the property. You may not have to do that at the site.

Take pictures of everything. If you have a smart phone, it’s easy to do this. Get pictures of yourself, of your injury, of what caused your injury, of everyone around you – all of it. The more pictures you can take, the more evidence you can collect, the better. What you will probably have to do at the site is get the names of ay of the witnesses. Make sure to hang onto your clothes as well, particularly your footwear. If you slipped and fell, it’s going to come up.

A Good Slip and Fall Attorneys in Los Angeles will give you sound advice

One thing that Abkarian Law strongly recommends you don’t do, indeed in the strongest terms possible, is give any kind of statement to insurance adjusters. They aren’t on your side. They’re on the side of the insurance company. You should have someone on your side that’s going to fight as hard for you as they will for the insurance company. That can be the professional, experienced lawyers at Abkarian Law. Their slip and fall attorneys in Los Angeles are ready to take your case. They can be reached at the site or at (818)290-8686.

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