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How Truck or Big Rig Accident Attorney and Lawyer in California or Los Angeles Can Help

How Truck Or Big Rig Accident Attorney

After a semi truck and big rig accident, it’s natural to not know what to do. Shocking and terrifying, it can take a moment to collect yourself. After you’ve called 911, exchanged information with other drivers and snapped pictures and/or video of the scene, it’s natural to not know what to do. The next thing to do is to call an attorney who specializes in big rig accidents or anything that has to do with a semi truck. It’s a very particular kind of accident that requires attorneys with specialized training and experience.

Car accidents are one thing, a semi truck and big rig accident is something else entirely. The majority of regular vehicles weigh less than five thousand pounds. A big truck however could weigh around 150,000 pounds. That means the accidents can be all the more dangerous. When the driver is negligent, you deserve experienced attorneys who have dealt with this kind of accident before. That way, they can get right to work getting you what you owe.

Insurance companies and trucking companies have a lot of resources at their disposal. So, you need semi truck and big rig accident attorneys who can offer the same. One of the most important resources that this kind of firm can provide are experienced inspectors who can figure out exactly who was at fault for the accident. That doesn’t necessarily just mean the truck driver; that means determining which of several parties could be at fault. Then, a great law firm like Abkarian & Associates can help you make the case affirmatively.

For example, the certain party to blame for a semi truck and big rig accident is probably the truck driver. However, it could also be the company they drive for. Perhaps the driver has a history of negligence. Perhaps this driver has failed a drug test (or worse) in the past, and the company was negligent in continuing to let them on the road. Then, a suit could be brought against the company that allowed this accident to occur as well.

By that same token, the repairing company that worked on the semi truck and big rig could also be at fault. Inspectors from a law firm like Abkarian & Associates can determine whether it was the company that repaired the truck who were to blame. Perhaps they didn’t fix the truck properly, or were otherwise negligent in their duties. An all too common example of this negligence: they failed to fix the truck’s brakes, and that caused the accident.

Experienced Truck or Big Rig Accident Attorney And Lawyer

One culprit for truck accidents that can be at fault that attorneys can determine are local ruling bodies like governments and the like. It could be that they didn’t fix or otherwise repair road conditions that were allowed to get too dangerous. Maybe the right signs weren’t put on the road or maintained properly. These are all things that attorneys with experience in trucking accidents can help you to ascertain.

Maybe another driver swerved or otherwise drove recklessly, which caused the big rig to crash. Perhaps the vehicle’s manufacturer (whether of the semi truck or your vehicle) was negligent, and that caused the crash. One of the first things that great attorneys can do is to help you figure out exactly who was to blame. Then, they can help you get what you’re owed.

The after effects of a truck accident can be devastating. You could have catastrophic injuries that are with you for a very long period of time. Even if you manage to escape unscathed from the accident, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely “out of the woods.” It’s entirely possible (and too common) that someone who was seemingly fine after such an accident develops problems down the line.

That’s where having attorneys who are familiar with these kinds of accidents become so important. They can help you to get those wages you lost from not being able to go to work, or even not being able to work at the level you did before the accident. You have people in your life that count on you. The attorneys at Abkarian & Associates can help you to recover the money you need to provide for those who see you as a rock in their lives.

By that same token, you’re liable to be going through a lot of recovery and medical bills. Most people (rightly) don’t plan for having a truck accident in their lives. Those medical bills can pile up fast, even with insurance. The expert lawyers at Abkarian & Associates have been through this with people before. They can help you to navigate through the thick weeds of medical bills so that you and yours are properly taken care.

It can be natural to want to take on an accident case yourself or something similar, but you have enough to worry about with your recovery. You deserve to have professional, experienced attorneys in your corner who can take on the insurance company, the trucking company, and anyone else on your behalf so that you’re getting exactly what you’re owed for your accident. You focus on your family and life, the attorneys at Abkarian & Associates will focus on the case.

With all those bills on your plate, it’s also perfectly natural to not want to have to pay for attorneys. When you’re going through all of the suffering, pain and mental anguish from a semi truck and big rig accident, you don’t want to have to think about spending more money. That’s why the attorneys at Abkarian & Associates have a strict “No Recovery / No Fee” policy. You don’t pay unless they get you money. That gives you one less thing to worry about.

With a truck accident, you may have to go against an insurance company as well as a trucking company and sometimes even local governments. Those are all opponents who have genuinely deep pocketbooks. The resources available to them are absolutely incredible. You need a law firm on your side, like Abkarian & Associates who has the resources to match. They can keep you in the game against any size opponent.

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What to Keep in Mind About Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Trucking accident cases don’t always make it to court. That’s why it’s even more important to have someone on your side who’s done this before. The lawyers at Abkarian & Associates have won against insurance and trucking companies in court, but they’ve also beaten them at the negotiation table, too. With years of experience in taking on the biggest companies, they can get you the money you deserve without ever getting to court sometimes.

However, should the case get to court, you want a law firm on your side that has absolutely done this before. In the last 25 years, Abkarian & Associates has taken on the most enormous companies on behalf of regular people who have been through accidents just like you and won them the awards that allowed them to get their lives back. It can be hard to truly make up for a sizable accident, but a financial reward is the first step towards getting back to your life for you and your family.

Trucking accidents can take a different kind of legal strategy than many other kinds of personal injury cases. There can be so many moving facets and different factors involved, it pays to have seasoned attorneys who have been through this all before. With them at your side, you’ll be well prepared for anything you encounter at court, at the negotiation table, or anywhere else.

After a semi truck and big rig accident, everyone feels lost and confused. With great attorneys by your side, however, you can get what you deserve. One of the first things you should do after a semi truck and big rig accident is call Abkarian & Associates at (818)290-8250.

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Truck Or Big Rig Accident Attorney FAQ’s

Would I be responsible for any fees or costs if I do not recover anything from the other side?

NO, there will not be any fees or costs If I do not recover from the Insurance Company.

Do I need a police report to file a personal injury claim?

Even though it is nice to have a police report, it is not necessary to have a police report to file a claim against an insurance company.

Can I file a claim if I did not go to an emergency room?

Yes, you can file a claim even if you did not go to an emergency room.  As long as you go to a doctor within a week from the date of the accident.

If I do not have any bones broken, do I still have a case?

Yes, even with soft tissue injuries insurance companies are responsible to pay for the injuries.

Can I get a car rental from responsible party?

Yes, you have to be given a car rental during the time your car is being repaired.

Should I take pictures at the scene of the accident?

Yes, take pictures of any and all injuries at the scene of the accident including pictures of the other car and all witnesses.

Can I ask the other side to provide me with insurance information?

Yes, the law requires that each party exchange information including their driver’s licenses and insurance information with the other party.

Do I have to pay for my medical are, I do not have any money?

On most cases, the medical provide will sign a lien which guarantees payment to them at the end of the case.  So, you do not have to pay anything to them out of pocket.

What happens if the other side does not have insurance?

If you have a coverage called Uninsured Motorist coverage on your policy, your insurance company will come in and act as the other side had insurance.

Can the insurance company raise my rate for using Uninsured motorist or medical payment on a case where I was not at fault?

Under Insurance Code Section 491, the rate of an insurance can not be raised on an accident which you were not at fault.

What if the other side has a small policy of $ 15,000 and I have a Uninsured motorist coverage of $ 100,000? Can I recover from my insurance company

The answer is yes.  If your injuries are valued more than the insurance coverage of the other side and you have a higher policy, then your insurance company will cover the difference.. It is called Underinsured motorist claim (UIM).  It is part of Uninsured motorist (UM) claim and you do not pay more for additional coverage. In your example you will have another $ 85,000 you can collect form UM/UIM coverage.