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Workers’ compensation lawyers and attorneys can do plenty for you after a workplace accident. No accident is an easy one to deal with. However, accidents in the workplace can be particularly difficult because of everything that’s involved. There’s a lot that goes into it. After the accident, the focus should be put on your recovery. That’s why you should get attorneys to deal with your workers’ comp claim: so that you can focus on what truly matters.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Abkarian & Associates can handle a wide variety of tasks for you, thus making your workers’ comp claims easier to manage. One task they can do that’s often overlooked is filing all the appropriate paperwork on deadline. The sheer amount of paperwork involved can be massive, and it can be extremely hard to get it all done yourself… even if you were 100%. After an accident, it can be essentially impossible.

With decades of experience, the workers’ compensation lawyers and attorneys at Abkarian & Associates have seen many workers’ comp cases before. They can help you to estimate how much your case will be worth. In this case, “worth” is defined as the number of benefits you could potentially receive. They’re clear-eyed and honest, but they also continue fighting for you. These attorneys won’t stop until you get what you deserve.

One of the hardest things to deal with in the wake of an injury like this is diminished capacity at the workplace. You may find that after an accident, you can’t do as much work as you could before. Or alternately, you may escape from the accident unscathed, only to discover that the accident leads to injuries later. When this happens, workers’ comp attorneys can help you to recover lost wages. Those include both what you would’ve earned and what you would have missed while you were recovering.

Speaking of, recovery from an accident can be time-consuming and challenging. Every moment you spend in a hospital is one you spend not working. Worse still, medical bills can pile up in a hurry. Very few people have the money on hand to pay for recovery from a workplace accident. Abkarian & Associates can help you to offset your medical bills. Ultimately, the goal is to get you benefits that cover past and future medical expenses.

Unfortunately, in some cases, workplace accidents can lead to permanent disabilities and lasting impairments. In those cases, no amount of money can make up for the person’s loss. However, lawyers and attorneys can bring in benefits that can help your family to adjust. When you’re hurt, your loved ones are hurt, too. They need the kind of protection that attorneys working on your behalf can provide as well.

Many companies and employers pay out workers’ compensation claims immediately, in a timely fashion and without rancor. However, many companies deny even valid claims. Or some do accept the claims, but don’t pay them out in a prompt fashion. Often there’s a cynical reasoning to this: they assume that the workers won’t appeal. That’s why it’s so critical to hire workers’ compensation lawyers and attorneys. They can get to work on your benefits while you get to work recovering.

It’s important to keep in mind that the attorneys at Abkarian & Associates don’t charge anything up front. You don’t have to worry about paying them. Their strict “No Recovery / No Fee” platform ensures that you won’t have to pay anything until your case is over. So, you can hire them to work on your behalf without worrying about how you’re going to pay for billable hours or anything like that. They work for you, on your behalf, for free.

Sometimes, an employer will offer you a settlement that falls quite short of covering your lost wages and medical bills. In fact, if you suffer a serious injury, often insurance companies will stop at nothing to make sure they don’t pay you what you deserve. They don’t want to have to pay you money, and they can spend quite a bit to ensure they won’t. This is why you need great attorneys on your side: they can fight back against the insurance and make them do what’s right.

The majority of supervisors and bosses in the workplace are good people who want the business to succeed as well as the best for their employees. Alas, there are some bosses who fail to meet this standard. When you’re hurt on the job, and an employer cuts your pay and hours, demotes you or even fires you due to filing a workers’ compensation claim, you need attorneys who can fight back against this kind of discrimination. Bosses can be intimidating, but lawyers can stop them from bullying.

Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys When You Fall at Work

Even if you accept a settlement, workers’ compensation lawyers and attorneys can be necessary. For example, if you plan to apply for and receive Social Security disability benefits, you need experienced attorneys to structure your settlement. If you don’t, then you run the risk of lowering your Social Security disability payments significantly. Attorneys who have done this kind of thing for years can put in the right language to make sure that you and yours get the money that’s yours for years to come.

When you hire the right workers’ compensation lawyers and attorneys, one of the first things they can do for you is develop the compelling medical evidence that can support your case. They can pay for an independent medical examination and gather the specific medical records that show exactly what happened to you and how you can recover from it. This is just one facet of the kinds of investigators and help that a firm experienced with workers’ comp cases can provide.

Another way their resources can help is through building non-medical evidence as well. Maybe you were hurt on the job due to your employer hiding a consistent history of inadequate workplace safety or training. They can also line up experts to go over your job’s physical requirements and the like. Big insurance companies are going to have their own experts and a deep pool of resources. You need attorneys on your end that’ll do the same.

Many workers’ comp cases never make it to trial. That makes it all the more important that you hire attorneys who have experience with negotiation and crafting settlements. Insurance companies have a wealth of tricks at their disposal to keep from paying you the money you’re rightfully owed. Seasoned attorneys can make sure none of this language sneaks its way into your settlement. This way, you’re able to get the money you should without fear of any negative consequences later.

Sometimes, it’s not possible to reach a settlement with the insurance company. When that happens, the case goes to a workers’ comp hearing or trial. In that case, you have no choice but to get attorneys and lawyers who have experience with both hearings and trials. The last thing you want are attorneys who are walking into a courtroom for the first time during your case. They can argue passionately and articulately for you; and in so doing get you everything you need.

Maybe you had a prior workers’ comp hearing or case that didn’t go your way. While this is a shame and a setback, it doesn’t have to be the end. The attorneys and lawyers at Abkarian & Associates can help you to appeal the decision. Your future and your family are too important to stop fighting after one hearing or case didn’t go your way. You deserve attorneys that will fight as hard as you do.

Workplace accidents are awful, and the road to recovery, both physical and financial, can be arduous. However, with Abkarian & Associates workers’ compensation lawyers and attorneys by your side, it can be done. Reach them at (818)290-8250.

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