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Your Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys and You

You deserve to have a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys that are going to do everything they can for you. While there are so many different firms that handle motorcycle cases out there, you’re best off with the pros at Abkarian Law. They have the kind of experience and focus that can get you and yours the kind of compensation you deserve for your suffering, pain and trauma. Many firms that say they have attorneys that do motorcycle cases aren’t really focused on cases involving motorcycles. At Abkarian Law though, they have attorneys whose whole specialty is motorcycle cases. They can put that experience to use for your case.

What a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Does

The first thing you should do after a motorcycle crash is to make sure that you get all the medical help you need. The next thing you should do is to contact a motorcycle accident attorney. While it may seem a bit odd to do that, it’s the best thing for you and everyone that counts on you financially that you contact an attorney as quickly as possible. The sooner you’re represented by Abkarian Law, the sooner they can get to work on your case to ensure that you get the compensation that you should have.

The first thing that an Abkarian Law Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys does is a thorough investigation. At the very moment you hire the firm, Abkarian Law sends a seasoned and experienced lawyer out to the crash site to investigate it. They do a complete and thorough investigation and search. Those are not just adjectives, nor are they shorthand – attorneys from Abkarian Law completely and totally investigate the crash scene. They know what to look for, and they know how to use it to make your case all that much more compelling.

It’s important to point out that Abkarian Law attorneys also do a prompt investigation. There’s no waiting around with them. The insurance company certainly doesn’t wait around. They send their investigators and liaisons as quickly as possible to the site. Indeed, they often do that as soon as they’ve been alerted that you’re in an accident. You don’t want to give them any kind of head start or advantage, so it’s imperative that you contact Abkarian Law as soon as can be.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, most motorcycle accidents tend to take place on roads where the evidence can get washed away or be eliminated rather quickly. For example, skid marks can offer disappear in a hurry. If the accident you were in damaged trees or plants, they could blow away or be ground down by traffic. When a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys from Abkarian Law does an investigation, they get all of the evidence that can help your case. That also includes the evidence that is ephemeral, and can disappear too soon.

Another part of the investigation is finding the witnesses. There are almost always witnesses to any motorcycle accident. The pros at Abkarian Law know where to find them, and more importantly, what to ask them about the accident. Calling upon their years of experience, Abkarian Law attorneys know how to draw out the details that give the clearest look about your accident. That way, whether in negotiation or if the case goes to court, you’ll have the best evidence of who was really at fault.

The phrase “seeing is believing” is a cliché for a reason. If a judge, jury, or even the other side of a negotiation sees something in a picture or video, it’s hard to argue against. That’s why Abkarian Law takes so many pictures at the crash site. By obtaining the best pictures of the accident, they’re able to piece together what really happened. It works as undisputed truth of what really happened during your accident. The insurance company (and others) are liable to say and do everything they can to prove that they shouldn’t have to pay out. Pictures can show the truth with true clarity.

Abkarian Law attorneys’ investigation of the crash isn’t limited to just the crash site itself. They also do a thorough examination of the motorcycle itself. If there were any defects with the motorcycle (or anything connected to the motorcycle) then they would be at fault, too. Beyond this search, Abkarian Law also does a complete inspection of the safety gear you were wearing. Wearing helmets on a motorcycle ride are the law for a reason, but if a helmet is defective or otherwise compromised, that can lead to an injury as well (through no fault of your own).

All of this evidence goes towards one thing: establishing the defendant’s fault. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys from Abkarian Law can focus on that clearly. By establishing that they were at fault, you can get the compensation you need for yourself and your family moving forward. Who’s at fault for the case can depend on all of the factors mentioned above. The person who crashed into you, the company that made your motorcycle but didn’t get rid of the defects, the motorcycle helmet manufacturer who was negligent in their construction – any of these groups and more could owe you compensation for your crash. Abkarian Law makes sure they have to pay.

What Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyers Want You to Do

You already know to call Abkarian Law as soon as you are able. The first thing is obviously to call 911 and make sure that you’re OK. The next step is to, should there be a driver of another vehicle involved in the crash, stop and exchange information with them. You don’t have to say much to them, just your name, contact info, insurance info and license. In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t say much to them at all. Getting angry and reacting in that fashion does no one any favors whatsoever. In some cases, apologizing can be seen as admitted guilt, which is the last thing you want.

Of course, should the person who hit you have kept on driving, that changes everything. You’ll want to get as completely detailed a description of the vehicle that hit you as possible. Then, you can give all of that to the proper authorities and let them track that person down.

If you are able, physically and mentally able, it won’t hurt your case to be able to collect some evidence. For example, hand onto your clothes, helmet or motorcycle itself if they were hurt or in any way otherwise damaged during the accident. One big part of this that can help is to locate (and then do your best to get access to) any security cameras that were around. Those can pick up exactly what happened during the accident. That can be utterly invaluable towards displaying exactly what happened during the accident in any negotiation or courtroom situation.

Of course, there’s one major thing that you should never do in the wake of an accident. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, no matter how friendly or kind anyone seems, don’t talk to anyone connected to the other party’s insurance company. There’s never a good reason to do this. Any offer they extend to you will be a horrid low ball offer. They’ll try to trip you up and get you to admit to things that will devalue your claim and weaken your case. Just avoid the bad news and the trouble by avoiding them.

Contact the best Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Abkarian Law has attorneys that can focus on your case. They’ve handled so many car accident cases; they know exactly how this should go. They can put their experience to work for you, so that you can focus on your recovery while they’re winning your case. See how it starts by scheduling a free consultation at their Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys site or call them at (818)290-8686.

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