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Corporations/ Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s)/LLP

 In some instances, your company must be either incorporated through an S, C or and LLC corporation. This will insure that if you keep the corporation formalities and accounting requirements that your personal assets will not be in jepordy.    If you currently have a corporation and your documents are not properly filed and prepared, you might lose your protection and will be sued personally through pircing your corporate veil by thers. It is important that your documents are reviewed every five years. Our attorneys could review and prepare the proper documentation to insure that you are in compliance with corporate requirements.     7R���.U

Outside Corporate Counsel Service

We have been outside general counsel to numerous multi-million dollar companies as well as small businesses. Please contact Mr. Albert Abkarian at (855) 888-1808 for a consultation and review of your issues.      

Business Litigation and Dispute/Arbitrationns/Mediations

As one of the top premiere business litigation firms, we can handle any size litigation matter and have successfully represented many of our client in business disputes.  

  As a former volunteer mediator and an arbitrator for Los Angeles Superior Court, Mr. Abkarian is well aware of the procedures and processes in an arbitration and mediation of your case. If you are faced with a mediation or an arbitration, you must call Mr. Abkarian to discuss your options. 

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